The ISOFilm range includes nearly 100 types of film, all made from advanced ultra-transparent polyester, a few microns thick. They are strong and fade-resistant, and most have an anti-abrasive covering.
The films are installed on existing glass to solve a host of problems in industry, commerce and housing.

  • They reflect and absorb solar infrared heat: 40 to 80% of the heat
  • They control the visible light transmission: Different levels of glare reduction
  • They reduce the greenhouse effect and amortize quickly: Possible amortization over 3 years
  • They absorb ultraviolet radiation: 95 to 99% of the total
  • They reduce heat loss through windows in winter: up to 30%
  • They are available in many colors: transparent, silver, bronze, copper, gold, smoked, gray, green, blue ...
  • They prevent the glass from bursting: on the neutral glass and under certain conditions
  • They pass the same tests as tempered glass
  • They create intimacy or opacify glazing: different levels of opacity
  • They have excellent optical properties: the films being manufactured in large series and continuously, the tolerances of fabrications are extremely tight
  • They are anti-scratch treated: their surface is not afraid of cleaning and maintenance

In addition, ISOFilm is able to determine the efficiency of a film in its complex use, its depreciation and with verification of thermal stresses, all thanks to the perfect control of the products.


This varies according to the type of film, the type of glass, the type of window, the orientation of the glass and the geographical location of the installation. Life spans of 12 to 22 years and over have been recorded in some cases. But that's not the normaly expected lifetime.
All the films qualities for commercial and residential use are warranted by manufacturers for a minimum lifetime of 10 years. The installer or manufacturer can answer specific questions after installation.



Glazed windows are very simple to maintain if you follow some instructions:

  • Use a non-abrasive cleaning fluid
  • Use a clean, soft cloth, or paper towel or synthetic sponge.
  • Use a soft cloth or squeegee to dry the glass

The presence of anti-scratch treatment has almost eliminated the existence of special precautions for cleaning.


The most solid epidermis of the film
ISOFILM window films have excellent scratch resistance. Today, the scratch-resistant covering is used on almost all films to provide consumers with an ever more durable product.

Thanks to a revolutionary covering developed from a complex blend of cross-linked polymers with esculin forming the most durable protective layer in the film industry, ISOFILM films will retain a cleaner, shinier appearance for longer. And this advantage does not change the energy performance or other benefits of the product.

Features and benefits of "crystal":

  • The solidity of the manufacturing allows the normal maintenance of windows
  • Window washing takes less time
  • The risk of film abrasion during installation and maintenance is considerably reduced
  • The "Crystal" covering improves the overall performance of the film
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